Thoughts on Humanistic Education

Choice and control:I suggest that the humanist approach should place a great deal ofemphasis on students’ choice and control over the course of theireducation. Students should be  encouraged to make choices that rangefrom day-to-day activities to periodically setting future life goals.This allows for students to focus on a specific subject of interestfor any amount ofContinue reading “Thoughts on Humanistic Education”

Principles of Humanistic Education

Thank you for the progress in developing the Human Studies website I should like to add, for us all to consider, the following Principles of Humanistic Education: 1) Students should be able to choose what they want to learn.Humanistic teachers believe that students will be motivated to learn asubject if it’s something they need andContinue reading “Principles of Humanistic Education”

Pandemics: Learning outcomes

It is very important to give children in Humanist Schools a deep understanding pandemics and epidemics. The challenge is to reduce as much as possible the negative impactthis pandemic will have on learning and schooling and build on thisexperience to get back on a path of faster improvement in learning. As education systems cope withContinue reading “Pandemics: Learning outcomes”

Pandemic: First topic for Human Studies website

Thanks for this fine work. There is widespread teaching here in churches and mosques that covid-19 is god’s punishment for people’s sins. However, the history of epidemics and their scientific cause demystifies such lame thinking. In my lifetime, there was an outbreak of leprosy and tsetse flies in this part of Uganda and the sameContinue reading “Pandemic: First topic for Human Studies website”

Launch of Human Studies Website

We are delighted to be putting this new Human Studies website online. Its aim is to provide an resource bank for introducing young people to Humanism and some of the wider issues that face Humanity. It is being developed as a joint venture involving Uganda Humanist Schools Trust, the Uganda Humanist Schools Association and HumanistContinue reading “Launch of Human Studies Website”