Human Issues

Educating the young for a better life for themselves and their families, and to become good local, national and global citizens who care for the natural environment around them and for the well being of generations to come.

Human Studies

This Human Studies Resource Bank aims to bring together ideas and activities for teachers who are committed to helping young people to understand the issues we face in the modern world and which affect the well being of:

  • ourselves and our families,
  • local and national communities,
  • people in other countries with whom we are mutually dependent,
  • the Earth’s complex ecosystems,
  • future generations who are to follow.

We hope the activities will eventually be sufficient to support a regular weekly session under the title Human Studies, or something similar. In the meantime, we hope that teachers will use them flexibly to enhance the learning experiences of young people.

The Human Studies Project emerges from the needs of the Humanist Schools in Uganda. The project has few resources, so we are pursuing a steady evolutionary approach to material development. Units will be added according to the perceived need at the time, and they will be added to the Resource Bank as they are completed. As their number increases and as they are modified in the light of the experience of using them in schools, they will be grouped into themes and a structure will emerge.

Lesson Units


Essential information and activities on Covid-19 and global pandemics.


Questions about meaning and ethics for Juniors and Seniors.

Trees for Life

The importance of trees in our daily lives and long-term survival.

Living History

The history of now and the recent past through family memories.

My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.

Thomas Paine

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