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Human values

These were expressed in
The Code for Global Ethics: Ten Humanist Principles
by Rodrique Tremblay as:

  • Dignity: Proclaim the natural dignity and inherent worth of all human beings.
  • Respect: Respect the life and property of others.
  • Tolerance: Be tolerant of other’s beliefs and lifestyles.
  • Sharing: Share with those who are less fortunate and assist those who are in need of help.
  • No domination: Do not dominate through lies or otherwise.
  • No superstition: Rely on reason, logic and science to understand the universe and to solve life’s problems.
  • Conservation: Conserve and improve the Earth’s natural environment.
  • No war: Resolve differences and conflicts without resorting to war or violence.
  • Democracy: Rely on political and economic democracy to organise human affairs.
  • Education: Develop one’s intelligence and talents through education and effort.


This website brings together many useful resources for teaching and learning.


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Not only is there useful content on a variety of topics there are thoughtful ideas on pedagogy.


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The materials will help our teachers to apply the Humanist Ethos to Human problems.