Trees for Life

Thanks for the Trees for Life document. Its a good one with  lots of helpful information about trees and citing the different types of trees we have in the world. I am happy that you have sighted some examples of indigenous trees here in Uganda as well.
I am sending in a write up about the tree initiatives I currently work on at my schools. Perhaps you can pass it on to other schools, I know they will find it useful. My tree initiatives are ongoing.
In the “Trees for life” document, you can also mention about palm trees that they can provide palm oil, sweeping brooms and the excess oils to provide raw materials to make soap and the residue is used for manure.
All in all, looking forward for contributions from other colleagues.
Best regards,
Bwambale M Robert
School Director
Kasese Humanist School (Rukoki / Muhokya/ Kahendero)
P.O.Box 58  Kasese  –  Uganda

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Chair, Uganda Humanist Schools Trust Former teacher, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, educational researcher and economist. Teaching and project experience in the UK and in Uganda.

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