Pandemics: Learning outcomes

It is very important to give children in Humanist Schools a deep understanding pandemics and epidemics.

The challenge is to reduce as much as possible the negative impact
this pandemic will have on learning and schooling and build on this
experience to get back on a path of faster improvement in learning.

As education systems cope with this crisis, we must also be thinking of
how we can recover stronger, with a renewed sense of responsibility of
all actors and with a better understanding and sense of urgency of the
need to close the gap in opportunities and assuring that all children
have the same chances for a quality education.

The good news is that many of the improvements, initiatives, and
investments that our school systems will have to make might have a
positive long-lasting effect.

There is need to prioritise and increase teachers’ digital skills.
Those schools with internet-enabled computers have not been deeply
affected by the lock down. Their students have been accessing lessons
online, especially the top primary, P7 candidates who will be sitting their primary-leaving examination (P.L.E) who have access to learning packages for all subjects.
Best regards
Juma Irumba Siriwayo, Chair of Katumba Parents’ Humanist Primary & Nursery School, Bundibugyo District

Published by Steve Hurd

Chair, Uganda Humanist Schools Trust Former teacher, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, educational researcher and economist. Teaching and project experience in the UK and in Uganda.

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