Uganda Art and Culture in Living History

Contributed by Juma Siriwayo…

As Ugandans, when we consider Living History, we must also consider the legacy we are handing to future generations in terms of the Arts and Culture.

When we teach Art in our schools we need to go beyond simply painting and drawing and give our students an insight into the role of art in society.

One organisation is working hard to develop an understanding this heritage, and also to promote artistic endeavours, is Kampala Arts Trust:

Their online journal is a very good source for schools on all aspects of Uganda’s and Africa’s  Arts Scene.

They recently published an interesting article on the role of public monuments, starting with an appraisal of the Independence Statue in Kampala.

Please pass this information on to your art teachers and to arts students.

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Chair, Uganda Humanist Schools Trust Former teacher, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, educational researcher and economist. Teaching and project experience in the UK and in Uganda.

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