Pandemic: First topic for Human Studies website

Thanks for this fine work.

There is widespread teaching here in churches and mosques that covid-19 is god’s punishment for people’s sins. However, the history of epidemics and their scientific cause demystifies such lame thinking. In my lifetime, there was an outbreak of leprosy and tsetse flies in this part of Uganda and the same belief was perpetuated. I think these were bacterial  but nonetheless a topic like the one you have formulated helps to grow the scientific understanding of children as well as equipping them with skills to overcome epidemics.

I think it would be a good idea to add targeted learning outcomes to each topic.

Thanks once again.Regards.

Moses Kamya, Director/Headteacher, Mustard Seed Secondary School, Busota, Kamuli District.

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Chair, Uganda Humanist Schools Trust Former teacher, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, educational researcher and economist. Teaching and project experience in the UK and in Uganda.

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