Uganda in the Second World War

Over 77,000 Ugandans volunteered to join the British Army in the Second World War. Many served in support roles such as delivering supplies and munitions, signals and communications and medical corps, and an unknown number fought on the front lines of conflict. Ugandans were posted mainly to Madagascar, Burma, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Mombasa and to Egypt. Some went to Britain for further training. The links below give further details of the roles that Ugandans played in the war and of the political repercussions when they returned to Uganda.

Army recruiting

Soldiers Testimony CNN

Soldiers Testimony Observer

Daily Monitor when Ugandans fought alongside the British–the-British–World-War-II/689844-3449972-l8whn5z/index.html

Summers Carol, and Ahmas Alawad Sikainga, “Uganda Politics and World War II (1939-1949).” In Africa and World War II, edited by Judith A. Byfield et al, 480-498, Cambridge University Press, 2015.

African decolonisation

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