Peace and Social Justice

I will help people solve problems and disagreements in ways that are fair and avoid conflict.

Peace and Social Justice can promote the human rights of all people and understanding among all nations, cultural and religious groups.

The Legal and Justice system of each country is set up to provide a fair and impartial system to:

  • Protect people from physical attack – so people can move around and carry out their business without fear.
  • Protect people from robbery and theft – so they can feel their private property is safe.
  • Protect people from cheating – so when you make a deal with someone they stick to the agreement.

Good law relies on the application of critical thinking, empathy and altruism. Justice is based on thoughtful conflict resolution. It aims to repair wrongs in a fair way and create an equitable society. By working together, we can help protect the human rights of everyone.

Activity 1 – The Stolen Chicken

An older child is caught stealing a chicken.

What do you think about that?
What do you think should happen?

Suppose later you find out that the child’s father died, his father’s family took over their house and his mother and younger siblings have been struggling to survive ever since.
Compare these two solutions:

  1. The Legal Remedy: If the child is brought to Court, they may be found guilty. They could then be sent for a period in a Rehabilitation Centre. How will this affect the family?
  2. The Village Council: A case like this was brought before a village court in Northern Tanzania. The Village Council called in the child’s relatives. This included the father’s family and the mother’s family. The Council asked why the relatives had not stepped in to help the mother when the father died. They instructed the father’s family to let the mother and children move back to their family home, which had land around where she could grow crops. The family were told to pay the farmer whose chicken was stolen.

Which solution do you think is more Just?

NOTE: The word Just means a solution guided by truth, reason and fairness.

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those that do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing,

Albert Einstein

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