Trees for Life

Description of Unit

This unit explores the important part that trees play in our lives.

  • We all have a favourite tree that is a joy and inspiration to us.
  • Trees give a livelihood to many people.

    They provide many essential items:
  • Fruits and nuts.
  • Leaves for infusions and for wrappings.
  • Twigs and branches for sticks, walking canes and other things.
  • Wood from the trunk for making planks for doors, furniture and shelving; and boats for fishing.
  • Trees provide shade for sitting, playing and meeting.
  • They are also good to climb!
  • The bark can be used as rope and some can be made into cloth.
  • Their leaves make oxygen for us to breathe and remove carbon dioxide from the air.
  • Trees play a crucial part in preventing global warming.
  • Trees, woods and forest provided cover and homes for the many other species of bird, insects, amphibians and mammals that we share this Earth with.
  • Trees help to maintain the balance of nature and biodiversity.

Teachers will want to combine the material in this unit with their own knowledge of the natural world, the children they teach and their particular teaching skills. Our aim is to encourage children to take an interest in trees and develop a sense of wonder about the important part they play in our lives and in our survival as a species.

We could not live without trees!

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